Coder in the Library

Coder in the Library expands Chicago’s annual Summer of Learning Initiative. For 7 weeks, ‘learning to code’ hubs were created in 13 neighborhoods that historically offer the fewest summer learning opportunities in computer science and coding. The program offered three functions; Apple Everyone Can Code Camps, Creative Computing Camps, and DYN Mobile Drone program. This initiative was a collaboration between the Center for Excellence in Computer Science Education (CECSE), Chicago Public Library, and Computer Science for All (CS4All) at Chicago Public Schools.

Standalone, Coder in the Library (CiL)

CiL was a drop-in model to support varying engagement levels of families and youth. The program was held 3-days a week, 3-hours each session, at six library sites across the city. One Chicago Public School Computer Science Teacher led this model at each site. The curriculum was ad hoc to allow multiple and varying engagement points for youth. Teachers had access to iPads, Sphero balls, Makey-Makey, TunePad, and e-textile materials. Partners anticipated this model would attract short and frequent engagement opportunities for youth.

Embed, Coder in the Organization (CiO)

The Coder in the Organization model integrated aspects from the coder in the library and a traditional camp. CiO was embedded into a full-day camp—and did not standalone. Activities were led by an educator, mentor, or both. Youth were enrolled in a 30-hour/week camp, of which, Coder in the Organization led 15-hours. Mentors’ objectives were to teach youth how to develop and communicate ideas through video, music, drawing, and photography. Mentors are encouraged to connect the youth’s project that is of personal interest or value to them.

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