The Educator Fellowship Program

The Fellowship is a 10-month learning experience designed to build the capacity of instructors to teach intermediate- and advance-level computer science curricula. Cohorts of up to 30, of in-school and out-of-school instructors, will participate in a 10-week Swift programming language course that concludes with a capstone app project. To support instructors transition from "Swift student" to "Swift instructor", our educator program offers customized learning, engagement, and access to our partnership network of opportunities.

Applications to the 2021 Fellowship has Closed

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The Fellowship Structure

A 10-month stipend experience designed to build the capacity of instructors to teach intermediate- and advanced- level CS coursework, specifically in Swift programming language. Cohorts of up to 30 people, from both school- and non-profit organizations, will engage in a CS and coding professional learning community. Fellows are expected to complete each phase of the program.


Develop with Swift Boot Camp

February 2021 - May 2021


Paid Instructional Opportunities

July 2021 - August 2021


Professional Learning Engagements

September 2021 - December 2021*

What Exactly is the Fellowship Program?

Program Goals

  • Improve CS and coding learnign for high school students and youth in Chicago
  • Provide quality and comprehensive CS and coding curricula, resources, and suports that are culturally relevant and grounded in equity
  • Cultivate instructional leadership across in-school and out-of-school spaces
  • To develop a self-sustaining, and instructor-focused, structure of CS and coding professional learning community throughout the City of Chicago and Chicago Public Schools

Benefits of Becoming A Fellow

  • Competitive stipend for meeting program commitments.
  • Access to CECSE instructor loaner library of laptops, iPads, and additional instructional technology resources to support CS and Coding learning.  
  • Access to Northwestern University teaching and learning resources, Apple's Teacher program, and a community of research practitioners to inform your work and instruction.
  • Access to comprehensive Swift curricula and resources personalized for CPS and Chicago youth, educators, and classrooms.   

Who Should Apply?

The Educator Fellowship program application is open to anyone in Chicago Public Schools, and in the City of Chicago, who has deep appreciation and passion for CS and coding learning and education. Preference will be given to applicants who meet or exceed our qualifications below, and priority given to applicants who make a commitment to implement a swift program and course during their fellowship year.  

Applicants must demonstrate the following 

  • Prior, or current, instructional experience in computer science, coding, science, technology, or math.
  • Strong interest and commitment to develop knowledge and skills to support student learning and engagement in CS and coding.
  • Commitment to fully engage each phases of the fellowship program.
  • CPS Teachers and Technology Coordinators, that become fellows, must demonstrate commitment and support from their school's leadership to implement the course during SY21-22 or SY22-23.
  • Out-of-school Instructors that become fellows, must demonstrate commitment and support from their organization's leadership to implement a CS and coding program during SY21-22 or SY22-23.
  • Competency with technology and virtual meeting tools.
  • Strong time management skills.