CECSE is a Chicago Public Schools’ Computer Science for All initiative powered by the Office of Community Education Partnerships in the School of Education and Social Policy at Northwestern University. The Center is based at Lane Tech College Prep High School but works to build computer science and coding learning and engagement across CPS and the City of Chicago. CECSE works with diverse partners to build and strengthen CS and coding education and make it equitable and accessible for all youth.

Founding Partners

Office of Community Education Partnerships (OCEP)

OCEP’s mission is to promote, build capacity for, and engage in actionable scholarship and partnerships that improve learning and well-being in our home communities of Evanston and Chicago, and beyond. Situated within the School of Education and Social Policy (SESP) at Northwestern University, OCEP’s mission stands on three pillars: scholarship, infrastructure and capacity building, and community partnerships. OCEP works to bridge the research, practice, and service missions of SESP and Northwestern University to create initiatives and partnerships that positively impact our home communities of Evanston and Chicago, but that can be shared and scaled far beyond.


CS4All is an innovative computer science education program that provides equity, empowerment, and opportunities that maximize the innate potential of every student. Our students will become global citizens who understand the ubiquity of computing. Students will be able to use their knowledge to join the ranks of those who embrace technology, to revolutionize their communities, our nation, and the world.

Chicago is proud to be the birthplace of Computer Science for All, a movement to bring computer science education to every student. We are thrilled to be able to launch a new graduation requirement for computer science for the incoming class of 2016 (graduating class of 2020). CS4All strives to provide a relevant and compelling computer science experience to every student in Chicago.

Lane Tech College Prep High School

Lane Tech is a coeducational seventh through twelfth grade public high school, offering students a college preparatory curriculum, with particular emphasis placed upon the technological aspects of a modern education. The Computer Science Department at Lane Tech College Prep High School is nationally recognized as one of the largest and most innovative in the country, providing students with an unmatched range of courses, experiences, and knowledge.

Lane Tech College Prep High School’s vision is to fully prepare students for post-secondary endeavors in the collegiate and career setting by providing outstanding 21st century curricular offerings in science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics, and world languages.

Harry S. Truman College

Harry S Truman College is one of Chicago’s seven city colleges, and is the Center of Excellence in Education, Human and Natural Sciences. Truman serves as a hub of innovation, positioned to expand “cutting edge” practices to bring together the city’s workforce, higher education partners, and K-12 school district. Truman offers unique learning opportunities for city colleges’ most diverse campus, serves as a professional development and training space for teachers and faculty, and pilots innovative operational and instructional practices with intent to take to scale. Truman’s mission is to deliver high-quality, innovative, affordable and accessible educational opportunities and services that prepare students for a rapidly changing and diverse global economy. Truman is a model for community strengthening through community college education.

Our Core Partners

Meet Our Team

The CECSE team is a group of professionals from our core partner organizations. We work together to build, operate, and sustain the Center; bring diverse expertise and stakeholders into the Center’s work; and develop partnerships and create community for computer science and coding learning across Chicago. The Chicago Public Schools’ Computer Science for All mission is core to our collaboration and the team is committed to equity, empowerment, and opportunities that maximize the innate potential of every student in learning and creating with code.

Emily DePalma

Manager of Programs and Operations
OCEP, Northwestern University

Mia Harris

Project Coordinator

Shawn Jackson

Harry S. Truman College

Sybil Madison

Founding Director

Caitlin Martin

Survey Manager
Digital Youth Network

Steve McGee

The Learning Partnership

Katrina Miller

Computer Science Technology Lead
CS4All at CPS

Nichole Pinkard

Principal Investigator
OCEP, Northwestern University

Sachin Pradhan

Software Developer
OCEP, Northwestern University

Amy Pratt

Assistant Dean
OCEP, Northwestern University

Jennifer Roscoe

Founding Fellow
Lane Tech High School

Michelle Scott

Project Manager
JenScott Consulting

Miranda Standberry-Wallace

Community Manager
Digital Youth Network

Nicholas Stoyas

Curriculum and Instruction Manager
CS4All at CPS

John Wachen

Postdoctoral Researcher
The Learning Partnership

Hollie Ware-Jaye

Dean of Education and Teacher Programs
Harry S. Truman College

Troy Williams

Interim Director
CS4All at CPS